Interview with Jonathan Paul McLeod

JonathanPaulMcLeod McLeodPartnersRecently, a number of interview questions were posed for Interview with Jonathan Paul McLeod, to find out a bit more of what’s happening behind the scenes.

What does your business do?

Reconstruction and insolvency services for corporate and personal entities. We specialise in providing services to Companies and/or individuals suffering with cashflow or assets deficiencies and excessive debt. Restructuring and other services are available through our business to assist directors/debtors and others in dealing with stakeholders and creditors and providing results.

Who are your clients?

Accountants, Solicitors, Financiers, Regulators and Credit Controllers refer work to our firm in respect to entities that are insolvent or likely to become insolvent or to prepare reports on the solvency of a company or its director(s).

Some entities may be large corporations that continue to trade under our control whilst our services are utilised to restructure under the Corporations Act or small companies that may require winding up for a number of reasons including a return of capital to its shareholders.

What makes you unique?

As a boutique reconstruction and insolvency firm we can offer cost effective services to clients at competitive rates. We take a hands-on approach in each appointment and make ourselves available, at all times, to clients. These clients can utilize our experience within the industry that spans over 50 years to provide positive outcomes to stakeholders after careful consideration of the issues at hand.

What’s your biggest challenge facing you at present?

Raising my 4 beautiful children and providing direction and advice to ensure they grow and mature with high standards and morals.  Every day is different and new challenges present themselves with each child, however, hopefully my guidance (together with my wife’s, Ashley) will make a difference.

What’s the aim for your business?

To stay boutique, competitive and approachable in the Brisbane market continuing to train and develop staff with the technical skills and knowledge required in any insolvency appointment.

What’s your company’s biggest challenge?

Providing affordable options to clients in an increasingly regulated environment. However, with the experienced team on hand and dedication, we believe no challenge is insurmountable.