Interview with Bill Karageozis

BillKarageozisLast week we sat down with Bill Karageozis , one of the partners at McLeod & Partners, to delve deeper into his experiences at the firm.

Describe life at McLeod and Partners

McLeod & Partners is a boutique insolvency firm located in the heart of the Brisbane CBD that has fostered an attitude of valuing all team members’ personal lives.  We ensure everyone has the flexibility to manage their time, in order to achieve both their professional goals and enjoy time with friends and family.  We are also exposed to people from many different aspects of the community and hence each day brings with it exciting challenges that we thrive on.

How long have you known Jonathan McLeod and how did your partnership begin?

I have known Jonathan for in excess of 13 years.  While we met in a professional capacity it was our love of all things relating to cars that sparked our friendship which has recently seen us become business partners.  I have worked with Jonathan in the insolvency industry for over 11 years and have seen the McLeod & Partners business be created, establish itself in the insolvency market and now excel in providing effective and cost efficient solutions to our clients.

What makes McLeod and Partners unique?

McLeod & Partners biggest attribute is its team members.Each and every one off the staff are experienced, approachable and willing to think outside the box to ensure that clients can expect the very best result for the task at hand.Similarly, our size means that we provide competitive pricing and immediate results.

What areas do you specialise in?

As a Registered Trustee in Bankruptcy, I enjoy dealing with individuals from all forms of business to assist in providing solutions to personal financial issues regardless of how complex or legal they may be.As a Liquidator, I have a particular interest in the construction, transport and logistic industries but am happy to tackle all forms of financial matters with a view to attempting to provide either a restructuring/ compromise position or an orderly liquidation of the company’s assets if necessary.

What are your personal goals for the firm?

I would like to see McLeod & Partners continue to grow its presence in the industry both in South-East Queensland and around Australia while providing the same personal, cost effective advice we have become renowned for.I also strive to continue to nurture and establish new relationships with other professionals in the insolvency industry to ensure that we are at the forefront of our continually changing regulatory/ legal environment.

What do you enjoy outside of McLeod and Partners?

I like to travel (both domestically and internationally), participate in all things soccer and enjoy a good meal.I also enjoy trying to keep up with my increasingly energetic three-year-old son.